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About Westhaven Radio Sailing

Westhaven Radio Sailing Club is not about winning at all cost; it's all about the joy of sailing and the smiles from friendly competition with like minded people. If this is what you are looking for, come sailing with us. 

An ideal first boat:

One of the most popular types of boats sailed is the International One Metre (IOM). IOMs are created according to what sailors call a ‘box rule’. This means that its owner can create the boat in any way they want, but its length, height and weight must be within set parameters. The result is the ability for skippers to experiment with different ideas, and fine tune their boats to get the very best race performance. 

Although there are other RC boats of a similar size, the performance across a wide range of wind and water conditions make the IOM the preferred boat for racing.

IOM Nitrojen 70.JPG

Commodore: Pete Jacobsen -  Treasurer: Ian McGowan -  Secretary: Chris Grant

Founding Members

Rob Nelson, Chris Grant, Tracey Thomas, Garry Roberts, Dave Turnbull, Mark Thomas, Steve Champion, Ian Winchester.

Supported by:

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