Sailing Times

Sailing Times

Tuesday 1:30pm - North Side

Saturday 1:00pm - Pier Z race Office is me

Race Officer Duties:

Before Sailing:

Decide on which pontoon has the best sailing conditions for the dayFootpath sign visible to the publicDinghy launched and ready for use with lifejacket on-board.Fuel in the outboard.Race course set.Start radio operating with correct start sequence audio.Members briefed on days sailing format and info.First race to start at scheduled start time and the day usually runs for approx. 2 hours.Collect $5 from any non-member visitors.

After Sailing:

Buoys retrieved and washed.All gear accounted for and stored back in the locker.Outboard washed and fuel emptied.Salt Away containers refilled for next days sailing.Fuel cans taken by persons who will be sailing next scheduled day.


Dinghy keys are held by a variety of members and are available for $20 refundable fee. The locker code is known only by three Flag Officers.

On Tuesdays, use the dinghy to take the buoys and motor to the locker side as wet buoys and the outboard are not desirable in most cars. This means some or all sailors will need to go to the locker side to help with washing and storing gear.

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